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TEXON Vintex

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TEXON VINTEX is the “vintage” version of the well known  Texon 484.  Thanks to a specific tanning process, that leaves unaltered the technical properties of the material, Texon 484 has a peculiar wrinkled look.

TEXON VINTEX can be printed and is resistant to home washing.

TEXON VINTEX can be used to produce labels, hang tags and accessories for garments, footwear and leathergoods.


  • Thickness (mm)

    0,30 (only Black, Sahara, Stone, White)
    0,55 (Black, Brown, Gobi, Sahara, Stone, White)
    0,80 (only Sahara, White)
    1,50 (only White)

  • Size (sheets)

    cm 100 x cm 150

  • MOQ

    MOQ 250 sheets unless available. We suggest to always contact our Customer Care Service

  • Colours

    See the colour card. All available 484 colours can be processed into Vintex; please contact our Customer Care Service for more info.

    ciao eng card

  • Notes

    Due to the production process the sheet can shrink and the size can be smaller than the original 484 sheet.

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