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Texon Italia’s industrial activity has been always characterized by a strong attention to environmental issues.

Since the early ‘80s we have focused on the adoption of environmentally friendly raw materials and on a rational use of  energy.

Our formulations include the use of recycled fibres that derive from other processes of the paper industry (industrial wastes of the paper used to manufacture cigarette packs, kitchen tissue, paper napkins).

Throughout the years Texon Italia has developed and constantly improved a method to collect and re-use post production wastes of the insole converters. These wastes are grinded, regenerated and used as raw material. Texon Italia has created a network with its customers that cooperate in managing the collection of the scraps in their factories.

In order to make our production process almost completely sustainable  we are installing a cogeneration plant to produce with renewable resources the energy and the steam that we use in considerable quantities.

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